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15,50 EUR*
Details Borsa termica per bottiglia vino champagne con liquido refrigerante

Borsa termica per bottiglia con celle di forma alveolare contenenti liquido refrigerante. Il liquido interno si raffredda se la borsa viene tenuta in freezer. Bottiglia non inclusa.

47,50 EUR*
Details Contesting Citizenship: Irregular Migrants and New Frontiers of the Political

Irregular migrants complicate the boundaries of citizenship and stretch the parameters of political belonging. Comprised of refugees, asylum seekers, "illegal" labor migrants, and stateless persons, this group of migrants occupies new sovereign spaces ...

89,99 EUR*
Details The Migrant Image: The Art and Politics of Documentary During Global Crisis

The Migrant Image In The Migrant Image T. J. Demos examines the ways contemporary artists have reinvented documentary practices in their representations of mobile lives: refugees, migrants, the stateless, and the politically dispossessed. Full description

28,49 EUR*
Details Locating Migration: Rescaling Cities and Migrants

Locating Migration This books examines the relationship between migrants and cities in a time of massive urban restructuring, finding that locality matters in migration research and migrants matter in the reconfiguration of contemporary cities. Full ...

15,76 EUR*
Details Charley Harper - Mystery of the Missing Migrants: 1,000 Piece Puzzle

Mystery of the Missing Migrants Puzzle : 73.66x50.80 cm Verpackung : 25.40x33.02xx4.76 cm.

32,49 EUR*
Details Arts Therapists, Refugees and Migrants: Reaching Across Borders

Arts Therapists, Refugees and Migrants Considers the questions of identity and background, and how the practice of arts therapy can be informed and altered. The first section contains examples of working with refugees and migrants, whilst the second ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of A view of black migrant workers tilting the soil in South Africa. 1978.

Size 4.8" x 6.6"  A view of black migrant workers tilting the soil in South Africa. 1978.Migrant Workers In South Africa: OPS black migrant workers from the Transkei 'Homeland,' unable to find work at home, labour on the roads in South Africa. This ...

130,99 EUR*
Details Resserrer Les Liens Avec Les Diasporas: Panorama Des Competences Des Migrants

[{ Resserrer Les Liens Avec Les Diasporas: Panorama Des Competences Des Migrants (French) By Oecd ( Author ) Nov - 01- 2012 ( Paperback ) } ]

47,95 EUR*
Details Migrants and Strangers in an African City: Exile, Dignity, Belonging

Migrants and Strangers in an African City Finding place and identity in a globalized world Full description

96,29 EUR*
Details Migrant Activism and Integration from Below in Ireland (Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship)

Migrant Activism and Integration from Below in Ireland This book analyzes the interaction between migrant activists and leaders and the state of the Republic of Ireland - a late player in Europe's immigration regime - against the background of an ...

26,49 EUR*
Details Migrant Imaginaries: Latino Cultural Politics in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands (Nation of Newcomers: Immigrant History as American History)

Migrant Imaginaries Places migrants at the centre of pressing concerns, contending that border crossers have long been vital to social change Full description

94,50 EUR*
Details Migrant Smuggling: Irregular Migration from Asia and Africa to Europe (Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship)

Migrant Smuggling This books explores the phenomenon of irregular migration, notably the organization and role of migrant smuggling networks in aiding irregular migration from Asia and Africa to Europe. It also discusses how migration control policies ...

51,21 EUR*
Details Dorothea Lange – Migrant Mother Kunstdruck (60,96 x 76,20 cm)

Migrant Mother ist eine lizenzierte Nachbildung, die auf Premium-schweres Papier, die alle von den lebhaften Farben und Details des Originals einfängt gedruckt wurde. Die gesamte Papierformat 60,96 x 76,20 cm und die Bildgröße 60,96 x 76,20 cm. Dieser ...